Dear Delegates,

I am honored and delighted to invite you to the thirty–seventh annual session of the Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY). I follow in a long tradition of capable Secretary Generals, yet I am committed to making this year’s conference a step above the rest. Come to SCSY to immerse yourself in heated debate, tackle rapid-fire crises, enjoy our famed social events, and experience a conference with the highest levels of both professionalism and fun on the Model United Nations circuit.

This year’s conference will feature a mix of the contemporary, historical, and fantasy committees that our attendees know and love. Delegates will spend their days touring Yale’s campus and engaging in discussions with bright university students from all over the globe. To top it all off, after a long day averting disasters and working through conflicts, delegates will relax and enjoy getting to know one another at SCSY’s acclaimed late night events: Lounge Night and Club Night.

On behalf of the SCSY XXXVII Secretariat and staff, I hope you will join us on Yale’s gorgeous campus this fall from October 16th – 19th. We look forward to seeing you at the most incredible SCSY yet!


Rachel O’Connell
Secretary General, SCSY XXXVII

Featured Committees of this year’s SCSY

War of the Ring

As the Battle of Hornburg is about to unfold, the War of the Ring Committee is called to order to make one last stand against the forces of evil and buy Frodo and Sam the time they need

Pirates of the Caribbean JCC

Delegates will have the chance to battle for the control of the seven seas. Will the golden age of piracy live on?

South Africa 1994: Cabinet of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s multi-party coalition cabinet will be faced with the challenge of the many legacies of Apartheid in South Africa and the myriad of social and economic issues that accompany the growth of South Africa.

Downton Abbey

In the context of Downtown Abbey, the committee will address issues concerning the rising tides of Labour and Irish independence, the independence of women, and the inheritance of estates.