Welcome to the Security Council Simulation at Yale!


Uniquely SCSY

For the past 37 years, the Security Council Simulation at Yale has been the premiere crisis-based Model UN conference on the college circuit. SCSY combines innovative crisis committees, the extensive resources offered through our location on Yale’s campus, and unparalleled social events. In the course of four days, you will engage in fascinating debate, meet students from more than thirty national and international universities, and unwind at our lounge and club nights. We look forward to welcoming you to SCSY!

Dynamic Committees

Historic, traditional, innovative, fictional – the broad range of committees offered at SCSY makes us one of the most diverse conferences on the circuit. Whether you are charting South Africa’s future with Nelson Mandela, fighting for control of your country in the Syrian Civil War, or swashbuckling on the rough seas with Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, you will find yourself immersed in exhilarating simulations. Reaching far beyond the traditional bounds of Model UN, we draw upon the most passionate and talented members of Yale’s undergraduate community to offer committees in their respective fields of expertise.

Interactive Crises

The interactive crisis committee experience forms the heart of SCSY. Unlike committees at other college conferences, every single one of our simulations is based on the crisis model in which delegates must respond to unforeseen fictional events. Articles, twitter blasts, breaking news videos, and real life visitors will introduce you to the complex issues in need of your problem-solving prowess. Our dedicated crisis staff works around the clock to respond to delegates’ decisions using creative multimedia capabilities. The fast-paced nature of our committees will push you to the limits of cooperation, adaptability, and creativity.

Social Events

After spending your day defusing diplomatic dilemmas or rebuilding a post-apocalyptic society, celebrate a job well done at SCSY’s famed social events. Relax, unwind and enjoy two nights of private parties!

Join us for Lounge night to socialize and meet your fellow delegates in a fun atmosphere. The next day, dance the night away with your fellow delegates at a nightclub rented out exclusively for the conference.

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